Washing machine repair

A washing machine can get damaged and stop working for a number of reasons so there will eventually come a time when your washing machine needs to be repaired. CAI Appliance Service have experienced technicians that can fix a magnitude of washing machine issues. 

Common washing machine repairs:

  • The machine bounces around/drum is loose
  • It’s noisy 
  • Clothes are getting ripped
  • Slow draining
  • Won’t spin 
  • There’s no water
  • The door won’t open 
  • It smells
  • Power turns on but doesn’t start/do anything
  • Burning smell (often means an electric/power board fault)
  • Needs a new seal causes leaking (common)

When your washing machine breaks down, all your laundry plans can get thrown into disarray thanks to a growing pile of laundry. CAI Appliance Services is one of Perth’s leading washing machine repair companies and can make your troubles go away very quickly. 

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